Golfing in the Buff – Kim Stiner

StinerGirlsGolfIn 2005, The LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Loveland, Colorado was born and is still going strong with anywhere from 50-90 girls per summer. Last summer, Directors Kim & Gale Stiner decided to incorporate something new based on their favorite TV show, Survivor. A “buff” on the show is an item of clothing the contestants wear to indicate their tribe.  Yes, our girls do golf in their buffs. Bringing a team feel to our program, all the girls wear a buff that shows their skill level and team spirit. For new girls, it helps them know they are not alone and as their skills improve, they earn more buffs.

This year, our buffs will still be important.  Every Tuesday and Thursday the girls wear their buffs they will receive Birdie Bucks that they can use as money for the snack bar.  As our girls learn and earn The “5” E’s of The LPGA Foundation the girls will earn the highest honor buff, Champion For Life.  Becoming proficient with wedges and you’ll receive the “I Love Wedgies” buff.

A new component for our program in 2015 will include a new competitive level. While our program is all about fun, we wanted to add a “boot camp” level for those who crave competition.

StinerGirlsFeeling like “proud parents,” 90% of the girls participating on the 3 high school golf teams have been participants in our program. This May we will be hosting the Girls High School 5A  State Championship, the first time ever at The Olde Course at Loveland. We are the home course for Loveland High School with all team members this year having been in our girl’s golf program.

Last but not least, we added a yearbook to last year’s Year End Cookout and Awards. We took time to sign each other’s books and it was a blast. Oh, how I wish I had done this 10 years ago and had a book for each year. It dawned on us last year that time was flying by too fast for our memory to keep up, since we had three girls working for us that were going to college and they were in our program as 9- and 10-year-olds. If I had any advice to offer new programs starting up, it would be to find a way to keep track of every girl in your program as they grow. Just this morning one of our girls from 10 years ago just gave birth to a baby boy. Had it been a girl I’d be thinking, in 7 years she can join our girl’s golf club!!!


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