Letter from the Central Section President – Marvol Barnard


Hello Central Section!

In this edition of the Central Section newsletter, we have news from our Education Committee (Sandy LaBauve, Beth Brown and Janean Murphy).  I want to thank these ladies for stepping up to help make our Section GREAT!  We also have interesting and previously unknown facts about members in the “Did You Know?” section, and items about members who have been in the news.  Remember, we want to hear from YOU on these topics, and more.  It was very fun helping to compile some of the “Did You Know” items, because…I did not know!

We have had three Meet and Greet events in our Section since the first of January: the fun PGA Show gathering, and two outstanding events in Phoenix during the Founders Cup.  Some of the earliest T&CP Meet and Greet events started in the Central Section, and are growing in popularity in every Section around the country.  Host one in your area—they are easy, fun, and we will help!

It was so good to see many of you volunteering at the Founders Cup in Phoenix.  Our members stepped up in a big way in providing lessons for adults and juniors, and it was great to see the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals out front in a big way.

Remember, my inbox is always open, and I return all phone calls as soon as possible.  I promise—your voice is always heard!

Marvol Barnard, President


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