Letter from the Secretary – Kristie Fowler

KristieFowler Hello everyone!

My name is Kristie Fowler, and I am your new Secretary.  Golf started to be a part of my life while growing up in Colorado.

I participated in junior golf, high school, college golf and even played a little on the mini tour, which in my day was the Futures Tour.  I am a PGA Member and an LPGA Master Professional.  I have gained many experiences over the years working at a variety of public and private clubs.

That is some of WHAT I have done in golf.  Now I will tell you some of the WHY.

I love the game, the people associated with it, and I have a passion to succeed and see others succeed and be happy.  I am hoping to help energize our Central Section and get more people involved, informed and excited about golf, the LPGA and WHY we do what we do.

Well, now you know a little more about me, how about I get to know a little more about you?  I know there are others who would like to hear your story and find out what makes you successful and WHY you do it. So feel free to give me a call 520-744-2555 or send me an email kfowler@gallerygolf.com.  But guess what…the next time you get a phone call….it might be from me!  I look forward to talking with you!

Kristie Fowler, Secretary


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