Letter from the Vice President – Peggy Gustafson

IMG_1250March was a busy month in Arizona.  Thank you to all the Professionals who donated their time to teach in the Volvik Lesson Zone and the LPGA Girls Golf Club at the Founders Event.  Several pros worked two, three and four two-hour shifts to help grow the game and the LPGA T&CP brand. True Rock Stars!

I would also like to thank Sue Wieger and Brian Heppler for sharing the Tathata Golf Experience by hosting a meet and greet at their beautiful facilities in Scottsdale.  Very enlightening for all participants.

Thanks also to Lynn and Bruce McNee for hosting a meet and greet for LPGA and PGA Professionals at XGOLF Scottsdale. Marvol Barnard gave an excellent presentation on growing the game.  Arizona members, if you have not visited this facility please put it on your must do list.  Lynn McNee,Sue Wieger, Tina Tombs and myself are playing in the Thursday night golf league, Go Divot Divas.

Congratulations to LPGA Central Section members who played in the Walgreens Legends Tour event in Sun City.

Tina Tombs 75-69 t12

Lisa DePaulo 71-73 t12

Amy Fruwirth 74-71 t23

Ann Marie Palli 75-76 t35

Lori Atsedes 77-75 t39

Great showing from the women who teach for a living and still can compete.


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