Things That Work – Kristie Fowler

IMG_1252In this section, we want to tell you about things that are working for our members.  I have two things that are working well for me.  The first is a Rules Quiz.  Each week I create and administer a Rules Quiz to the Gallery Women’s Golf Association at their luncheon.  It is specific to a part of our golf course they can relate to and many quizzes come from their own experiences.  They have time to discuss the rule before I give them all the answers.  At the end, one of them gets her name drawn out of the basket and goes home with $5.  This is a fun way for them to learn the rules!

The second thing that works is tournament software from Tournament Expert.  I used to spend a couple hours just to set up a weekly 70 player ladies day.  Now in just minutes, I can have the event pairing sheet, alpha sheet, scorecards & cart cards done and ready to go.  You can make it as simple or complex as you want.  They have many templates or you can create your own.  Use the fonts & colors you like and set up events as simple as a one day Best Ball or a multi day, multi course Round Robin.  The program also interfaces with my tee sheet to import players quickly and easily.  It also connects with GHIN and has 24/7 support.  If you run tournaments it’s worth checking out.


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