Letter from the Midwest Section Vice President – Penny Porter

Penny Porter head shotHappy Spring! The weather has definitely improved here in Indianapolis and I hope in your area as well!

As our golf programs begin to start up, I ask that if you are not a Site Director for LPGA USGA Girls Golf, please consider becoming involved in this fantastic initiative from the LPGA Foundation. This program continues to grow with our member having different size chapters, from ten girls to over 100. If you are in a position to host a site, I hope you will seriously consider growing our game through this program. The statistics are very interesting as to the retention numbers for the girls who participate. Please look at the data on the LPGA website.

I am looking for members who would like to host a Meet and Greet in their area. These events are very casual and have proven to be a great networking avenue for the other sections. Keep in mind that these events have no set agenda and can be golf, lunch and golf, golf and wine and cheese tasting or just casual conversations. Please contact me if you have any questions about hosting.

Our MW Section Member Growth Committee is looking for a couple more members to serve for this year. The National Member Growth Committee is moving forward with some new paths for continuing our growth. We are trying to have 1700 Members by the end of this year. If you are interested in serving on the Member Growth or Education Committee, please contact me.

Have a great spring!



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