Letter from the Midwest Section Treasurer – Louise Ball

IMG_11679Happy spring!!

The bulbs are popping out of the ground and the golfers are too!  Everyone is in a great mood here in TN!

One of the committees I serve on in our section is the tournament committee.   As we get things up and running for 2015, I’d like to challenge everyone in our section to host or attend a “play day.”

This is not an “official” event or tournament;  you may pick any day you’d like and invite any LPGA members in your area to join you for an informal round of golf. Basically, just an excuse to get together and just play golf!  Remember that?

If you really want to go “crazy” invite a local person you do business with on some level and ask them to give a talk on their area of expertise while you have lunch.  One of the focuses of the Executive Committee is to get members together more often.  Other sections are having some success with this format.  I plan on hosting one here in Knoxville.  Once I pick the date, I’ll let everyone know, and hopefully you’ll be up for the trip to East Tennessee!

There is a lot to do around here.  Sevierville, home of Dolly Parton, is just 45 minutes East of Knoxville, and has just about every tourist attraction you could want.  If nature is your thing, the Smokey Mountains are just as close, and offer everything for the outdoorswoman!

I hope everyone’s season starts off with a bang!  Together we can make 2015 a season to remember.

With Warm Regards,

Louise Ball


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