Best Practices – Kay McMahon

Kay McMahon PicKay McMahon is a Past President of the LPGA T&CP, the 1995 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, has been inducted into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame, and is currently the Director of Instruction for eduKaytion Golf in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Kay was recently named the 2015 Northeastern PGA New York Section Horton Smith Award winner.  The “PGA Horton Smith Award” bestows special recognition on a PGA Golf Professional, who personally displays a strong desire for lifelong education to include outstanding and continuing contributions to professional education.

Simplify the Way You Teach

Kay McMahon on the importance of simplifying the way you teach:

To grow the game of golf, and counteract the sentiment that “Golf is Hard,” we need to change the traditional ways of teaching and simplify things.  With the millions of internet videos, the thousand books written, and the even more abundant theories, the golf industry seems to be enhancing the idea that “Golf is hard”.  The traditional Laws, 14 Principles, and the million personal Preferences need to be understood, yet need to be simplified and applied in ways to allow for more and faster successful golf experiences.  As Einstein says, “If you can’t explain is simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

In 30 years of teaching, I have seen some interesting approaches and one that even included at least 15 steps to just set up.  To change the traditional approach and yet encompass all the principles and personal preferences, our trademarked Golf 8.5 has proven that golf is simple and can be learned first from a point of understanding.

Golf 8.5 entails four setup steps and only four and one half in-swing keys. To set-up and to emphasize the order we use the acronym G-CAP: Grip the club first, set the Clubhead, and Align your feet, which then leads to an athletic Posture position.  Typically, posture is taught first, but in Golf 8.5 an athletic posture happens automatically.  Next, are the 4.5 swing steps: Y —the takeaway, L — the top, Elevator — the transition point, Y — the extension, Double LLs — the finish.

The magic of Golf 8.5 is first using a classroom setting where students learn the significance of club face angles, positions and why the golf ball goes where it goes. They start talking in an understandable language, they call the K-Code.  They now know how to operate the club, not the ball, producing a classic repeatable golf swing.

Kay McMahon on the business impact of simplifying the way you teach:

The most tangible impact is Golf 8.5 leads to amazingly fast improvement, immediate results and continuous responses of, “It’s so simple!”  When the student knows or “owns” his/her swing, they are more likely to get better, practice more effectively, play more, and have more enjoyment while playing.  Both men and women have lowered their handicaps by as much as ten strokes in less than a year.  Students previously frustrated with lessons that only “tweak” things and were near quitting, now experience continued success.

Another great joy is seeing juniors go home, relay what they have learned to their parents, and next thing you know they are returning with a parent who is interested in taking lessons.

My objective is that each student learns how to self-correct rather than self-destruct. They now understand the golf swing.  The takeaway here:  Golf is simple.

For those interested: eduKaytion Golf with Kay McMahon offers a Golf 8.5 Professional Development Teaching Certification Program.

To contact Kay:,  518-669-1551


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