Top 11 Things That Have Grown My Teaching Business – Valerie Moore

Best Practices1. Gathering all contact data for every clinic, program, lesson, outside groups, etc. (1000+ since Nov. 2007) i.e. Carbon copy sheet, HOA raffle.

2. Building relationships with students.  Getting to KNOW THEM (profession, skill sets, and total person).

3. Creating my logo for branding.  (Valerie Moore Golf used in Gmail account, Twitter, Facebook fan page, future: pens, hats).

4. Utilizing social media:  Facebook (Valerie Moore Golf), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

5. Joining networking groups (Chamber of Commerce, Business groups, i.e., Proponent Group, network within PGA/LPGA Section).  Stay current with continuing education. i.e. PGA Show, seminars.

6. Community Outreach:  After school programs, coaching, volunteer, LPGA/PGA section, HOA presentations.

7. Advertising:  Monthly newsletter via, (Free up to 2000 emails) i.e. “MOORE TIPS”, (Birthday Postcards), promo sheets, local media i.e. radio station, BE CREATIVE!

8. Investing in upgrading all my technology: high definition camera, IPad, V1 Branded Academy, laptop, IPhone, Golf Web Design to create my website.  Realizing you need to spend money to make money.

9. Constant follow-up via texts, phone calls, letters, emails, in person, blast emails.  SHOW YOU CARE!

10.  Consistency in pricing structure, but offer sales/promotions. (i.e. Black Friday Sale, referral program)

11.  Trying to do anything that’s different to show value.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  Asking others who have been successful for help.  LEARN & TRY!  Make the customer HAPPY and want to return!  Be flexible!

Valerie Moore


Visibility – Passion – FUN! – Knowledge – Coach – Follow Up!!!

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