Best Practices

Creating an open line of communication and student engagement has been a priority in my coaching business for a long time. Finding the right tools to that end, finally came together for me in this past year. No, I am not talking about social media, while that is a great venue as well. This tool has enabled me to be more efficient and effective as a coach and has opened new lines of communication, is an app called EDUFII, and I love it.

Spencer Denis and Andrew Dimille Founders of EDUFII have come up with a very creative platform, it’s like a personal Facebook experience.

I set my student up with a “training space” and through that training space we can post video, audio, text, any type of file. We post lesson summaries, drills, student’s milestones, comments from their last round or practice, what ever we want. All the info is saved in the EDUFII cloud and can be accessed at any time by the student or me. We can also invite the parents, college coaches, fitness trainer, who ever we want to be in on the action.

This has created an incredible environment for all of us to more involved and excited about the player’s progress and development. I love when I get a notification of a post and read my student has achieved a new personal best, and the player loves to know I care about them, their game and am in contact.

High School and College coaches can create a training space that the entire team can be involved with and communicate. Now, here is the kicker, it’s free! What could be better than that?

The app EDUFII, has enabled both myself and my students to stay more connected.

I have a 3-month program that in the past I thought would be difficult to sell, but with tools like EDUFII I have been able to keep my students engaged, connected and improving. Beyond the three-month period, I have players signing up for multiple programs and are committed to their improvement through the entire year.

This has not only helped my bottom line, but for the facility as well in rounds of golf and in the restaurant. My students are feeling more a sense of community and are playing more, having more fun and improving their game. Win, Win all around.

For more information on how Edufii can help your coaching:


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