Letter from the Western Section Secretary – Mary Ritchie

MaryRitchieHello Western Section!

I’m Mary Ritchie, Head Women’s Golf Coach at UC Riverside  and Secretary of the Western Section. I’m at your service for all things related to information, communication and social media. I’m addicted to technology of all sorts and am eager to share information about anything and everything – including what is happening in your part of our section. I urge you to come out of hiding and share your story with our colleagues. Tell us what you are doing and also what you are thinking will make our organization even better. Your officers are listening deeply and we are invested in staying cutting edge in our industry. We need you: your energy, your thoughts and your participation in all the LPGA T&CP has to offer. Please let me know how I can personally assist you; I’m always happy to lend a hand and an ear.

Keep your eyes open for additional news blasts which come from my email address – typically early in the week. Our agenda is to send them out at least every two weeks so that you can stay informed on what is happening in our section. Send me any news you’d like to add and don’t be shy!

If you haven’t yet joined our Facebook page, please do so by clicking HERE.

Feel free to contact me by email mary@maryritchie.com or text. 951.440.4894

Wishing you a prosperous year!


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