Best Practices – Elena King

King 1For the 3rd year in a row Elena King, 2015 CAGGY Award Best Mental Game Coach,  has hosted a VISION54 program at the CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora, Colorado.  This year she added a one day Alumni program and a 2 day essential Playing Skill program.  It has been a great opportunity to add value to existing clients, she is improving her own coaching skills, the programs are selling out and there are plans to expand for next year.

In addition she added a FREE program for the CJGA (Colorado Junior Golf Association) honoring the late Dr. Denise McGuire (colleague and friend of Elena who passed away from lymphoma in March) focusing on emotional resilience.  They gave away really cool bag tags that had WWDA (What Would Doc Ask?) on one side and on the opposite side was a dry erase area to write down their own question, intention or affirmation.  All donations from Denise’s services go to the CJGA to support this and will now be an annual program.  The program was a big hit with the parents as well as the kids.  Way to go Elena!  Thank you for your dedication!


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