Did You Know? – Connie Cramer-Caouette

Connie Cramer-Caouette manages both Eagle Falls Golf Club and Anaconda Hills Golf Course for the City of Great Falls, Montana.  In the summer months, her challenges are mainly with golfers and an occasional wildlife encounter.  In the cold and snowy months, business is slower.  However, she still spends much of her   time going into the office.  While others are thinking of skiing, snowmobiling and snowball fights, she is slaving away, working on budgets, programing and “other related duties”.   Well, one winter day after finishing her work she realized her car was so snowed in she would need to dig her way out.  What she needed was a shovel.   Luckily she had a 56 degree sand wedge available.  Lucky because the loft of a 7-iron would not be sharp enough to chip away the snow and ice from around her tires.  Thanks to her new 56 degree snow shovel, she made it home safely.  Now that’s being creative with your club selection!

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