Did You Know? – Loretta Young

Loretta 1When Loretta Young turned fifty, she decided she wanted a motorcycle.  Once she took that first ride—on a Harley, of course—she was hooked.  Over the next 10 years, she traveled across the country, East to West and North to South, to every state except Alaska.  Attending NEP Events and Golf Tournaments, she has traveled from her home in Mission, Texas to places like Daytona, Virginia, Tucson, Las Vegas and Seattle.

Listening to her soft, calming voice, as if in a trance, she says, “I love the openness, the freedom, the smell of it and the air in my face.”  She told me she loves to watch kids as she drives up to a vehicle. Their face and all 10 fingers are plastered to the window as they are watching intently as she drives by and goes out of site.  “I always wave to them.”

She also loves meeting all the wonderful people along the way.  Whenever she stops to fill up with gas, they will come over and talk with her, especially when she is riding a Harley.  Well, after 10 Harleys and one BMW later, she still loves her bike.  So keep your eyes open for Loretta at your next event, and oh, by the way, be sure to wave!


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