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Marvol Barnard, the 2013 Southwest PGA Section Player Development Award winner and 2013 LPGA Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award winner, is the PGA/LPGA director of instruction at Haven Golf Club in Green Valley, Arizona.

Marvol Barnard on Women & Golf:

Use Students as Helpers and Success Stories

Marvol Barnard on the importance of using students as helpers and success stories:

I’ve been offering a six-week beginner golf class twice per year for some time now, and it has become very popular with our women members. This class is held in partnership with the Arizona Women’s Golf Association, and was called The Ambassador Program, utilizing current AWGA members as helpers for the class.  I recently decided to use graduates of the class itself as my helpers, rather than more experienced ladies league members. The current-day participants love this and my helpers really act as a success story to inspire the beginner women. Additionally, the helpers really enjoy helping and it has taken their interest in the game to a whole other level.

Marvol Barnard on the business impact of using students as helpers and success stories:

Using my graduates as helpers has been a tremendous success. Each class averages 12 women at $199 per person. While I may take a few extra minutes prior to the classes to work with my helpers on what to look for when working with students, it has definitely been worth it. Generally, other than fundamentals, I don’t work teach them anything too technical and ask that they reinforce what I discuss with the group as a whole at the beginning of each session. The graduates have loved helping out and have not only been playing more and improving their own games as a result, but they have been promoting my classes via word of mouth. The participants love it too. They’re able to see how much the helpers have improved and can relate to their games, maybe more so than my professional skills.

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