Letter from the Central Section Secretary – Kristie Fowler

KristieFowlerHello Friends!

I have enjoyed meeting those of you who I have had a chance to speak with the past few weeks.  I am looking forward to talking with many more of you in the near future.  Thank you to those who have provided pictures and stories for the newsletters!  I have gotten quite a bit of information so if you did not make this newsletter, stay tuned!

One thing I would like to encourage everyone to do is to please add information to your LPGA Profile.  Now that we have this wonderful new look to our website, we need to do our part to help make it complete.  I know Nick Weber from GolfMD would love to help you out if you need assistance.  Please contact him at 408-916-3041 or nick@golfmds.com.  Not only are they working with the public side of “Find a Teacher” but that information is how we members get in contact with each other.

So I am asking for your help!  I know there are other members who would like to see your picture or read more about you when searching on the website.  And don’t forget, if you have anything for the next newsletter, please let me know.


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