Women, Wine and Wedges: Best evening outing in Colorado Springs for Working Women!

I am always looking for ways to keep up with the current market of golfers-particularly women and juniors. I wanted something that ladies were not obligated to, but would come because it was fun and bring their friends. This does many things for your business as well. Ladies are great social networking magnets. If they like something they will tell all their friends and spend more money attending or buying merchandise.  I started this last summer-basically on my web page and on FB. Last summer I had anywhere from eight to fifteen ladies each Wednesday evening. At $25/golfer(with a friend) or $30 b yourself, $5 goes to the bar for one glass of wine, beer or a margarita, $3 to the course for play on the par 3 and use of balls. Forty five minutes of lesson time and hitting a few shots out on the par 3 for each group, then coming in and socializing with them-a profit of $17/golfer. Now, the golf course loves this because we planned it on an evening of our largest men’s league and they all come in and socialize together-dates are even happening! Who knew? Ladies buy at least one more drink- last week three ladies bought sets of clubs, three bought gloves and shirts! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Wine, Women and Wedges is set up for every Wednesday evening June through August. Ladies can call and reserve, or just show up. We have no limit, as I will teach as a clinic of 10 by myself. However, the other two pros stay and teach another 10 after that, so we end up splitting the revenue. I don’t feel I can do more than 10 ladies justice in a clinic myself. We start at 5:30-they pay and get a drink ticket. Then we ask for what two things in the short game they would like to work on that we didn’t do the last week (we don’t repeat anything for three weeks). Then we divide the group in half and we rotate groups for a lesson-each twenty five minutes long. I hold contests as well and partnered with my health club to give away mani/pedis as prizes or a beer. Surprisingly it has been half and half!

When the lessons are complete- about 6:25-they head out to the par 3 and scatter, form their own groups, start on whatever hole they want and play whatever they want. Some play three holes and some play nine! Everyone meets on the patio and uses their drink tickets and I mingle trying to introduce the ladies to each other! So much fun for me as well. Our sales in the golf shop and have topped all numbers from last year already! I have twenty five showing up next week-word is spreading. I should add- I have ladies coming from the country clubs as well since nothing has been started here at their courses! Feel free to email or FB me with any questions.

We have to remember-golf is fun! Let’s share that with our clients and friends!


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