Junior Golf – LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

jm0otiwdAs Junior Golf is off and running at Walnut Creek Country Club, we are happy with our alterations to our program.  Every Tuesday morning there are 130 to 150 excited juniors ready to learn and play golf.  That is our main Junior Program Day with our 18 Holers and Junior Advantage Program on Fridays.

On Tuesdays, even though the juniors are divided into hole groups, they are still very large. This year the hole groups have been split up into pods for the group lesson part of the program.  Our driving range, short game area and large putting green are in three separate locations allowing the pods the opportunity of not interfering with each other.  Once the lesson time is over with the pods the entire hole groups meets to receive their hole assignments, walking parents, playing partners and the event of the day.  They are off to play and the next hole group arrives.

This year we have also introduced wrist bands to designate which hole group the junior is currently in and how many move up scores they have achieved.  They were so excited to receive their bands the first week wanting to know if they could keep them, as well as, how they could acquire more of the different colors.  The juniors were always motivated and striving for move up scores but the wrist bands took that aspect of our Junior Golf Program to a whole different level.

The pods have added a more successful learning environment for the juniors and golf professionals and the wrist bands are fun, as well as, motivational for the juniors.  The entire membership is aware of the wrist bands and are asking the juniors about them as the junior beams and tells the adult what they accomplished to receive each and every band going up their arm.


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