Letter from the Midwest Section President – Rita Reasons

Rita Reasons HeadshotHope this finds you all well and having a successful and productive golf season!

It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for all the snow and ice to melt so we could begin our golf season in the Midwest. Now with a 104-110 degree heat index, a little cool weather doesn’t sound so bad. Such is the life of golf professionals!

By now you should have all received your new T&CP bag tags displaying our new logo and also seen the new PSA on television promoting our teaching expertise and certified instructors.

The new Find a Teacher portal powered by GolfMDs is up and running on lpga.com. I encourage you to go in and update your profile to let potential students know just how exceptional you are!

The V1 Digital Coaching page, to be displayed on the LPGA website, is almost complete. This will be a fantastic opportunity for members to connect with golfers from all over the world to provide video analysis.

These are just a few of the items that the Executive Committee has been working on to help showcase the T&CP, develop brand awareness, and to add value to your membership.

Several events are available in the next few months. Here in the Midwest, we have the Goldie Bateson Tournament in July and the Section Pro-Pro in September. The National Championship and Pro-Am is in August, and don’t forget the National Teaching Summit, Pro-Am, and Hall of Fame Induction in October.

It is a special time to be a member of the LPGA T&CP. Please contact me or one of the other Section Officers to see how you can get more involved!



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