Letter from the Midwest Section Treasurer – Louise Ball

IMG_11679Summer is in full swing. I hope everyone’s schedule is busy!  I want to encourage everyone to come up with new ideas for your summer golf programs or expand ways to make your successful programs just a little different to keep your teaching fresh.  I have incorporated some new games in to my Junior Golf camps, and I’m getting the kids on the golf course more often.  For my ladies “new golfer groups” we’re playing music on the range and have added signature cocktails to the clinics.  It has been a big hit!

We are also trying to fundraise for our section tournament purses, so any idea is a good idea!!  We have a Pro-Pro coming up in September in St. Louis being hosted by MW Member Maria Palazola.  Even if you can’t play, please consider supporting Maria’s efforts by donating goods to the tournament or prize money to the purse.  When MW Section events are successful, we all win!  I’m sure a quick email or phone call to her on what she needs would be greatly appreciated.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or good news!  I’m always happy to hear from you!

Keep Swinging, keep smiling!!

Louise Ball

MW Section Treasurer


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