Letter from the Midwest Section Vice President – Penny Porter

Penny Porter head shotWe are about halfway through the summer in central Indiana, and I hope all your programs and facilities are having a successful year so far! I am excited that I have finally started a LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Chapter. When I was thinking about starting a chapter, I had great support from my fellow Section Officers. If you are thinking starting a chapter, go ahead and start.  You will be so thankful you did. Please call a fellow member if you have any questions. Each one of us is a network for our section, so reach out and ask for some input from a fellow member.

The Goldie Bateson Pro Am is July 13th, with a Meet and Greet July 12th.

I mention the Goldie Pro Am first because this is an important event for our Section. Goldie Bateson was a MW Section pioneer and participating in the Pro Am is a way to carry on her passion for Junior Golf. If haven’t ever played in the Pro Am, Paula Wagasky and her committee do a fantastic job and I encourage each of you to play this year! I am eager to have a Section Meet and Greet. I look forward to sharing ideas and getting to know some of members better.


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