Women’s Golf Ideas

jamie taylorWe are well underway into our golf seasons and hopefully you have been able to increase your female population at this point. One thing that is sometimes a struggle, is keeping your female players. They take private lessons, a clinic, or even a group lesson series with you, and you may never see them after that. Or they sign up for every series that you have, but never actually play a round on the golf course. I have had several students like that. I have found a few solutions that helped to encourage, and most importantly gave them confidence to get out and actually play.

Here’s my list of successful options:

  • Create a Beginner II series, where the main focus is to get the women to play two to three holes during the class while being coached. This gets a lot of those serial lesson takers their first exposure on the golf course.  I also make it their homework assignment to play one round in between classes.
  • Allow your students from each class to exchange e-mails and/or phone numbers so that they can play with each other. A lot of women in my classes do not know other women that play golf so they feel more comfortable playing with their classmates.
  • Have some women league options that they can join either at your course or another course that will cater to their level of play. A lot of us work at regulation courses that are too difficult for a beginner. Have some other options of casual leagues that they can join mid-season.

Our goal is to recruit and retain female golfers, these options are sure-fire ways to do this. It is our job as professionals to be that one stop shop for all of our students. So if you do not have a retention plan, it’s time to make one!

Jamie Taylor


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