Letter from the Northeast Treasurer – Julie Peluso

Julie PelusoWhat a thrill it was for our LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals Northeast Section to play host the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in our own NY Metropolitan area.  An event of this magnitude certainly gives a lot of recognition to women’s golf but because of the involvement and sponsorship from KPMG it also recognized the role of women in leadership.  How flattering for us as Professionals in the golf industry to have the forces of the LPGA, PGA, and KPMG collide to create what will hopefully be a long standing event further promoting women in business and in golf.  All of the recognition and promotion of this LPGA Major is a benefit to us as females in the golf industry.

This Championship was certainly an event that was accessible to a large number of our members given the large population of our NE Section that exists within a small radius of Westchester Country Club, the host site.  There were many opportunities for our members to get involved in volunteering.  Our LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Northeast Section members volunteered at the practice facilities, KPMG Women’s Summit Clinic, and National Car Rental Lesson Zone.

There was an incredible sense of pride just being on site at this event.  There is, of course, a social aspect to being on the tournament grounds but there is also a camaraderie felt in seeing friends and fellow professionals all unite at one event.   How exciting for our Section to also recognize the accomplishments and participation of two of our own:  Liz Caron and Jean Bartholomew.  Congratulations and many thanks to them and all of our LPGA T&CP participants, whether inside or outside the ropes.

Wishing you all a great summer!


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