Letter from the Southeast President – Carol Preisinger

Carol PreisingerHappy Summer time! As T&CP members, we have so much to be proud of, and so many events to participate in. An enormous “Thank You” to Dana Rader, Deb Vangellow and Nancy Henderson for the beautiful T&CP personalized bag tags sent to our membership. We appreciate your leadership, love the new logo, and feel appreciated as members. What makes me proud to be T&CP? Several things, one is now being recognized as a valued part of the entire Brand, along with the Tours and Foundation. We are not the best-kept secret anymore. But, most valuable to me are mentors and friendships within the T&CP, and the fact that our Teaching Education has always been leading the industry.

Each and every one of you is a VALUED member of this association. “Everybody has a story”, as they say. Yes, you have something to give and share with your fellow members. If it’s not serving, hosting or presenting, it’s playing and attending. We must support each other and be active in our association, or we lose our passion.

Save the dates of our upcoming events and re-invest in yourself!

We’re looking for great Coaches, Professionals and Teachers to represent the best of the best. Request for nominations for the annual LPGA T&CP “Of The Year” awards are heading your way soon. The specific time period for accomplishments is from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, and you must be active in section or national events within that time frame to be eligible for nomination.  Who has gone above and beyond to grow the game or their club business? Who has represented the brand and contributed to T&CP events? Who has taken their team to the top of the academic leaderboard and taken home the trophy?

Let’s re-invest in the next 6 months, and make them more valuable than the first,



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