Letter from the Southeast Section Vice President – Carole Clark

Clark_CaroleWhat makes me proud to be an LPGA T&CP member is the association that I have with so many women of influence across this country, not just as golf professionals, but as truly genuine human beings.

I know that any time, any day I can call or contact one of our members in any section of our Association if I have a question, concern, idea or just need to talk.  I value the friendships with so many of our members, again, all across the country.  I bet I could get in my car and, without spending one night in a hotel, and make it across the country! (Don’t worry, I’m not going to actually do that…yet!) The outpouring of care and concern for one another is inspiring.  I really feel a part of something Global.  I also feel like in some small way, I may have had a part in “building” some of what we have as an organization, by making myself available to be on committees, participate in National and Regional Conferences, and by serving as an officer in our Southeast Section for so many years.

The dynamics have changed dramatically over the years, with less and less miles in the auto and air and more time online and local events.  I am excited to see and have faith to believe that we are just getting started.

Carole Clark
SE Section Vice President


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