In the News – Alison Curdt

Alison Curdt, LPGA & Master PGA Professional Competed in This Year’s Inaugural KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

Perspective is everything. But unfortunately it often takes losing something or someone before learning life’s most valuable lessons.

Alison Curdt was one of those who learned the hard way, losing everything in 2006.

“That was the day everything was taken away,” Curdt said. “Everything was taken away in a materialistic way.”

The California golf instructor left her condominium an hour before it burst into flames, a fire caused by the tenant in the unit behind her’s. She lost all her possessions, turning to the Red Cross and local community for clothes. With her clubs and memorabilia from her days playing for Florida State gone, Curdt says, “I really had no identity left as a golfer.”

Having just moved to California after graduation, Curdt was in the process of trying to figure out how she wanted to spend her life. Still considering a career as either a club or teaching professional, her new circumstances forced her to reevaluate and really ask herself what it was she wanted in life….

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