Letter from the Western Section President – Malia Folquet

Malia FolquetWhat does the LPGA mean to me?

I think of fun. Inspiring. Women helping women grow.

As a member, I look forward to participating in all the LPGA has to offer.

To me

L – is for learning and leadership.

P – is for participation, passion, and playing.

G – is for giving, growth, and gratitude.

A – is for approachability and appreciation.

Our organization is made up of powerful women, teachers, coaches, and club professionals. My wish is that each and every one of you would reach out and get involved in events that would benefit you, and that your talents will help grow our section.  As our year continues, there are so many ways to get involved.

Playing Opportunities: Play Days, the Pepsi North West Open in Seattle July 13-15, our National Championship in August, National Pro-Am in October in San Antonio, National Team Championship in December.

Educational Opportunities:  Seminar July 12th in Seattle, August at Debby King’s facility. September: Wood Ranch hosted by Alison Curdt. October: Coaching and Teaching Seminar.

Open Calls where your voice can be heard on the 1st of the month.  This is a time you can call in and let us know what you think. A lot of great ideas have come out of these calls.

It is concerning that our participation is low despite your officers working hard to create ways to offer opportunities to help you learn, grow, and have fun.

Communication:  ways to find out what is going on.  Our LPGA website, Monday Morning Memos, our email blasts, Facebook, Member Portal, and the new T&CP Extranet, or simply calling one of your officers.  Headquarters has worked hard to create this great system so you can register online and keep up with what is going on.


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