Best Practices – Jennifer Bermingham

8The LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Long Beach chapter has been very successful. The program meets once a month with girls of all ability levels and ages. It is a great outlet for competitive juniors to have fun at the course without any tournament pressure and is a great introduction for a new junior. Each meeting has what I call a “creative activity” which isn’t always golf related. Last month, we had a Hollywood themed meeting where the “creative activity” was for the girls to strut down a 25-foot red carpet that was rolled out on the driving range. Complete with paparazzi (getting their picture taken) and red carpet interviews (asking them what designers their golf clothes were) the girls loved it!

I also teach coed junior golf classes on a weekly basis. The boys hear about these fun events at Girls Golf and have asked me for their own “boys only” golf program. So this summer, I started Boys Golf of Long Beach. Each meeting will have a similar structure to my Girls Golf program but the “creative activity” will be boy appropriate (Superhero Day, Angry Bird Day, Sports Day, etc.). The response has been great! I have even gotten boys that have never played golf before interested in joining Boys Golf. I think Boys Golf will become a great addition to my Junior Golf Program.

Programs like LPGA-USGA Girls Golf or the new Boys Golf of Long Beach truly grow the game of Golf and groom the next generation of players. Allowing juniors to be kids first and golfers second by teaching the juniors in a way for them to use their imagination and creativity to get the ball into the hole.


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