Letter from the Western Section President – Malia Folquet

Malia FolquetWhat does the LPGA mean to me?

I think of fun. Inspiring. Women helping women grow.

As a member, I look forward to participating in all the LPGA has to offer.

To me

L – is for learning and leadership.

P – is for participation, passion, and playing.

G – is for giving, growth, and gratitude.

A – is for approachability and appreciation.

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In the News – Donna White

donna-whiteReproduced from PalmBeachPost.com
Written by Brian Biggane

Back in the late 1970s and early ’80s, when Wellington was little more than a crossroads, builders offered a unique promotion: Buy a house and get a lesson with LPGA Tour pro Donna Horton White.

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Letter from the Southeast Section Treasurer – Denise Mullen

Denise MullenI have been in the LPGA since the 80’s.  I chose to join the LPGA because it offered guidance and educational opportunities specifically for women that would enhance my career.

I have been a Coordinator for Evaluators as well as an Evaluator.  This position provided many mentoring opportunities because I was also a Section Mentor.  It was exciting to work with a fellow LPGA members and watch their growth and success through the different levels.

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Letter from the Southeast Section Secretary – Valerie Moore

2013 Head Shot Revised (2)What makes me most proud to be a T&CP Member is how uniquely talented each and every member is that I meet.  I am proud to be a part of such of a dynamic organization in which we all share the same vision of growing the game of golf through the very youngest to the wisest!  Building relationships with other T&CP members is the best thing about being a part of the leading organization in the golf industry.

Letter from the Southeast President – Carol Preisinger

Carol PreisingerHappy Summer time! As T&CP members, we have so much to be proud of, and so many events to participate in. An enormous “Thank You” to Dana Rader, Deb Vangellow and Nancy Henderson for the beautiful T&CP personalized bag tags sent to our membership. We appreciate your leadership, love the new logo, and feel appreciated as members. What makes me proud to be T&CP? Several things, one is now being recognized as a valued part of the entire Brand, along with the Tours and Foundation. We are not the best-kept secret anymore. But, most valuable to me are mentors and friendships within the T&CP, and the fact that our Teaching Education has always been leading the industry.

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Junior Golf – Meredith Loosse

M Loosse Head ShotAs the summer season approached, I get in touch with my inner child! Youth golf is one of my favorite parts of being a golf professional. It breaks up the day-to-day operational areas of the golf business and allows me to enjoy the more meaningful aspects of the game through the eyes of today’s youth.

My goal is to run youth programs that are FUN, CREATIVE and ENGAGING.

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