Best Practices – Susan Urry

Urry 5Over my 24 years of teaching, I have seen many students whose head moves in the golf swing, particularly in the backswing and downswing.  Some raise up, some dip down, some move side to side.  There are several training aids on the market that are designed to help eliminate this motion of the head in the golf swing.  But I have discovered a means whereby the golfer can eliminate this head motion on their own.

A few years ago, I had my golf swing video-taped.  When I observed it, I noticed that I lifted up a few inches at the top of my backswing.  Once I was aware of this unwanted motion, I tried to figure out a way to know if I was raising up or not.  Guess what!  I did find a way!

It cannot be disputed that when your head moves, your eyes move.  I realized that I could sense my head moving up through my visual alertness.  Yes, I noticed that when my head raised up, I could detect it by “seeing” my eyes getting farther from the ground, or from the ball.

Whether the golfer moves his/her head up, down, or side to side, having an awareness of the “eyes” moving is a much easier way to detect head motion.  I have had a great deal of success with my students since I began suggesting to them to be aware of their eyes moving, rather than trying to sense that their head is moving.  It’s almost uncanny how well the student responds to this different approach to minimizing the head movement.

One of my philosophies in my instruction has always been to “minimize the motion”.  If the motion is not necessary, don’t make it!  Yes, I’ve seen some tour professionals who make motions in their swing that I feel are not necessary.  But I would not teach those motions.  I feel strongly that minimizing the head motion in the backswing and downswing will lead to more consistent and solid ball-striking.

Give it a try, for yourself and for your students.  Try not to let your eyes move, and try to detect any head motion through your visual connection with the ball, or with the ground.  I’m certain you and your students will experience success with this different approach to minimizing the unnecessary motion of the head in the golf swing.

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