Did You Know? – Nan Ryan

Nan 1Nan Ryan didn’t shoot off all of her bottle rockets and sparklers on the 4th of July because the day after that she did something spectacular!  She and her partner, Maureen, decided to go out and play 9 holes at the Estes Park Golf Course in Colorado.

The par there is 72, and she plays from 5250 yards.  She had not been scoring well previously but felt like she was “getting close”.  She had been working hard on committing to her shots, suggested by her Golf Professional, Elena King.

Well, guess what! It worked!

She played well.  After shooting a 41 on the front 9, she suggested they quit since there were a few sprinkles, and she wasn’t sure Maureen wanted to keep going.  However, Maureen insisted they continue.  The last 3 holes at Estes Park are tough ones, but Nan pared all of them, shooting a 40 on the back for an 81 total.  Did I forget to mention that Nan turned 81 in June.  “Hooray”!!  She just shot her age.

Later, Maureen told Nan, “I had a feeling you were going to do this”, and this is why she sort of pushed her to play the second 9.  Congratulations Nan and thank you Maureen for a good suggestion!  What a wonderful thing to celebrate!   Nan did mention she shot her age one time before, (75) on the Park Hill Golf Course in Denver, Colorado.  What an accomplishment.  I’m sure there are many of us who hope we can shoot our age someday.


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