How I will remember Louise Suggs – Kristie Fowler

Kristie 9When I was 10 or 11 years old, I got my first set of Louise Suggs persimmon woods.  On occasion, my father would help me refinish them, including the whipping.  I loved those woods!  I used Louise Suggs woods for nearly 20 years, including college golf and on the Futures Tour.   I began to collect sets of Louise Suggs clubs and even had a set that was rumored to have belonged to David Janssen who played Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive TV series in the 1960’s.

My clubs had a sentimental meaning to me, partly because I had used them for nearly 20 years but when I was younger I got the nickname “Louise” because of my clubs.  Friends, family and even teachers at school were calling me Louise.  I was known to my brother and sister as “Weezy”.

Growing up I didn’t know much about Louise Suggs.  I only knew she must have been pretty special to have her name on these clubs I loved so much.  As I got older, I learned how truly special she was, and even though I saw her in person a couple times, I never had the pleasure of actually meeting her.  Looking back, I wish I had, and maybe even shared this story with her.  To this day my brother and sister still call me “Weezy”.  And every time I hear that or look at those clubs, I have a special feeling for the legend Louise Suggs, especially now, more than ever.


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