Member Profile – Suzanne Noblett

Suzanne NoblettQ&A with Midwest Section Member Suzanne Noblett.

How old were you when you started playing golf and who got you started?

I started playing golf as a result of my father taking me along with him and being the “caddy” for his regular foursome in Newburg, IN. My father believed that I needed to know rules and etiquette before I actually played golf. By the time I was 10, I knew I wanted to be the next Nancy Lopez or help others become good golfers.

Tell us about your business.

My company is called Noblett Golf Services, where I specialize in offering quality coaching to men, women, and juniors of all ages and abilities. Located in Fort Wayne at the Bobick’s Golf Headquarters Driving Range, and Cedar Creek Golf Club in Leo, IN, a privately owned 18-hole golf course open to the public with a complete practice facility.

What do you do that’s unique when starting new golfers?

These may not seem unique, but I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about these new things I have incorporated. This year, I began having those clients who wanted to film me with their ‘smart phones’, giving short video clips that they can take with them for their review. It could be explaining the grip, ball position, etc . . . The only stipulation I have is that if they post it on social media, they must provide my name, location, and phone number so people who might wish to contact me are able to do so. My clients love it!

The second unique thing I do is to take my dog, Chunk, to the course with me. Chunk goes to the practice tee and, for on-course coaching sessions, he sits and rides on the cart. He’s great because he’s a calming presence for the students.

Why is it rewarding to you to belong to the LPGA T&CP Division?

Being a member of the LPGA T&CP has meant many things to me. It has been a tremendous source of knowledge, support, strength, along with the numerous lifelong friends I’ve made, and those of you I have yet to meet. What’s the saying? “The friends you make are those who are most like you”–those people who share your goals, dreams, aspirations. That’s the LPGA to me.

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