Smashing Balls, Golf Opening Doors for Women – Peggy Briggs

Peggy 1This book has been a labor of love for 3 years.

My good friend Debra Pentz started with a vision of bringing business women into the game of golf in a fun and playful way. We are both Titleist Performance Institute trained and we saw how much fun kids have learning golf and we thought, why can’t adults do that too? We set out to see if it was true.

We began with a program through the local community college and set up our strategy for teaching golf. From all my past experience, I knew that it wasn’t just golf the new golfers needed but some fundamental movements that some of us take for granted. I had new golfers, fresh into retirement that wanted to take up one of the hardest games to learn. Before they could learn a golf swing, they needed to learn how to balance on a straight line, pass a ball to the person next to them and how to sit down in a chair without using their hands. We used fundamental movement skills simulating golf skills to create the learning plan.

Our “test” class was a success. We were able to get the golfers on the golf course without any fear or intimidation.  We were able to re-create the positive experience many times with many new golfers. That is when the book came to life. We set out to tell the why and how women should get into golf, expanding on the how. We used our personal experiences to formulate a blue print for teaching and learning golf, no matter what age a person is.  Golf is a valuable tool, not only in retirement but also in the workplace, placing women as equals. We have also partnered with my golf course to make sure these new golfers have a place to go.

We started out writing our book on our own. We wrote many, many pages and it took several attempts to get the “organizing” just right. Debra did the research for a publisher and selected one based on referrals from other authors and also our cost considerations. Once the drafts were read and re-read (by many people) to check for errors, it was sent off to our publisher who found kinks….and re-writes….until finally we were there!  Our book title was selected by a survey of about a dozen people from various backgrounds. Smashing Balls won hands down! We started with Amazon and now are expanding to all e-reader formats along with the print version.

This book has opened my eyes to the skills of golf and to teaching these skills to new golfers. Anyone who decides to write of personal skill development will see the rewards it brings them.

We are currently outlining a book for people, either through the schools or other professionals on how to create group learning and enthusiasm that keeps people in the game as that is the biggest problem of growing the game.

Smashing Balls, Golf Opening Doors for Women,




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