Letter from the Midwest Section Secretary – Martha Mallott

IMG_1167Congratulations to our “Of the Year” winners: Pat Gray was selected for the Jeri Reid Spirit of Golf Award for 2015 and also the MW Section Professional of the Year; Maria Palazola was selected as the 2015 Teacher of the Year; and Stephanie Barker was the MW Section Coach of the year.  Very deserving award winners for our section!

As fall is in the air in Ohio, I start thinking of things that I can do in the winter to improve my teaching and business. I hope most of you enjoyed the teaching and coaching summit in San Antonio. I am coaching high school golf and wasn’t able to attend because my team was playing its sectional tournament on October 7. I am really jealous of those who were able to attend.

One of the things that I believe the LPGA does really well is provide its members with opportunities for personal growth. Some of those I especially enjoy are ones provided for us at the PGA Show in January in Orlando. Last year we had a session with Lynn Marriott and Pia Nillson that was outstanding.  We also had an emphasis on the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf and the professionals who revamped the curriculum were great with their contributions to that junior golf organization.

Two years ago the PGA sponsored a family and junior golf summit, which took place two days prior to the PGA show.  I attended and was so impressed with all of the presenters.  The great ideas literally flew around the meeting room.  Dottie Pepper was one of the featured speakers and she has authored children’s books. “Bogey Tees Off” was highlighted in her presentation.

Energetic Nicole Weller was outstanding in her presentations about “tiny linksters.” If you haven’t been to a presentation by her, please make sure that you do! She has such great ideas to share with all LPGA and PGA professionals. Weller was the first-ever same-year recipient for duo PGA and LPGA National Junior Golf Leader in 2013.  Wow! She is fabulous!

I’ve just mentioned a few of the experiences I’ve had in our “down” season in Ohio.  Even if you live where golf is played year round, please find time to attend LPGA seminars to broaden your knowledge!

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