Letter from the Midwest Section Treasurer – Louise Ball

IMG_11679I would like to start off by congratulating our section “of the year” winners Maria Palozola, Teacher of the Year; Stephanie Barker, Coach of the Year; and Pat Gray, Professional of the Year.  Maria also won the Goldie Bateson Service Award, and Pat the Jeri Reid Spirit Award.  Nice job ladies!!

The process for the “of the year” awards works like this: nominate anyone in our section you feel is worthy of recognition.  It would be great if more of us would nominate our peers.  This year we only had a total of 7 people nominated in the 4 categories, 6 applications were returned.  When this time next year rolls around, please nominate!  Headquarters organizes the nominees and sends out the applications.  The nominees fill out the application and send them back to HQ.  The completed applications are then sent to each sections’ nomination committees, comprised of the section officers and a couple of other section members on the committee.  The applications are reviewed carefully and graded based on a point system by each member of the committee.  Each section of the application is broken down for a total of 100 pts; Biographical info 10 pts.  Current programs/accomplishments 50 pts (number of programs 25 pts and strength of programs 25 pts).  LPGA Service 20 pts (participation 10 pts and service/leadership 10 pts).  Golf industry service and accomplishments 20 pts.  Once all the committee members “grade” each application, they are sent back to HQ for a final tally.

There have been many questions recently on how the process works, I hope this helps to clarify things a bit.  If you have further questions on the process, please feel free to contact me directly.  I will say again, it would be great to have more people from our section nominated each year, we have a ton of talented and deserving individuals.  If you’re interested in serving on any section committees, please let your section officers know.

I hope everyone has a great fall.

Best Regards,

Louise Ball


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