Women Golfers – The Good, The Bad, The Well Accessorized

In 25 years of teaching and running a public driving range in Columbus, Ohio, I have seen a lot.  The spectrum of female golfers includes the ‘pinked out’, bedazzled, manicured maiden to the athletically experienced elite and everything in-between.  When challenged with writing an article about what I do for women golfers, I think you expect me to say I do Women Only Clinics, or Ladies on The Links events, but I don’t do anything special for just women as a group.  Shame on me?

I am involved with and support the local EWGA chapter and the CWDGA, Columbus Women’s District Golf Association, with clinics, rules instruction, skills challenges, etc.  I provide the Adult Group golf instruction at my facility, which is around 80% women, (recently down from about 90% women, in other words more men are signing up for group lessons).  As a female instructor, I have had various women at local corporations form their own groups and come to me for instruction including the female MBA students at Ohio State.  All good avenues for you, my fellow LPGA T&CP members, to pursue.

Beginning women golfers are very intimidated by the actual golf course experience, and, at my driving range, we have created a par 3 golf hole.  I take my groups as well as individuals out to this hole and they actually play it while I go over a little rules and etiquette as well as the dreaded Pace of Play.  This has been a very well-received experience and has left them more prepared to actually go to the course.  I think transitioning from range to course can be quite a hurdle.

I hope you find these thoughts helpful.  Many of you are at courses or clubs, so your situations are different but perhaps it sparked a new idea for you to try!


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