What are YOU WORTH to THEIR Bottom Line? – Liz Cooper

Liz Cooper PicPlayer Development Math

As we go into the fall season and things start to wind down at your facility now is the perfect time to look back on the programming you have offered in 2015 and show your employer what a positive financial impact you have had on the facility.  This can apply to anyone at a facility that offers programs, including groups, beginner programs, and individual lessons and any other type of instruction.  Going through an exercise the like one below has the potential to really open the eyes of your owner or employer as to what you bring to the table.

In 2014, I offered two Golf 101 Classes with two levels in each class.  I wanted to quantify the revenue that my facility was experiencing because of the Player Development programming I was offering.  So, I used the facilities point of sale program* to figure out what the members had spent (minus dues) before taking the Golf 101 class versus after graduating from the Golf 101 class.

There were 30 students that participated in the Golf 101 Program in 2014.  The average discretionary spending of the members that participated in this program increased an average of 27.35% with a difference in average spending from prior to the program to during and after the program of $4,332 more.  The increase in rounds of golf from these 30 members was an average of 242%.


By going through this exercise I was able to prove to my facility that my time spent teaching Player Development programming was time well spent.  My students averaged an additional $1,478.86 spent monthly on food and beverage and golf shop purchases after graduating from the Golf 101 classes.  And they played an average of 242% more rounds of golf, I know this was a Golf 101 glass and some of the students were playing zero rounds before, but what it proved is that now they are coming to the facility and getting out on the golf course.

*I was able to pull all of my information from members spending through the point of sale system.  If you do not have access to the point of sale or are not at a private facility you can still track these numbers.  Keep track of who your students are and when they play golf.  Most facilities know the average amount spent per round of golf in the golf shop and in the food and beverage department.  So, you can apply those numbers to the rounds of golf your students play and you will have an average spent number that can be directly attributed to you and your instruction programs.

If you are interested in more Player Development Math ideas please feel free to contact me at e_cooper99@yahoo.com or 703-969-2465.


3 thoughts on “What are YOU WORTH to THEIR Bottom Line? – Liz Cooper

  1. Great job Liz! Good ideas for all of us to share with employers of future employers. Numbers matter and being able to prove your programs had an enormous financial impact on the club was time well spent.


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