Letter from the Southeast Section Vice President – Carole Clark

Clark_CaroleFall is in the air!

For many that means transitioning to the south for the winter to escape the cold.  Having spent my first full summer in Florida, I am looking forward to cooler temperatures and some dryer weather.

My mission this year as your Southeast Section Vice President is to fully engage every member who would like to involve themselves, whether locally, regionally or nationally.

I am currently completing the establishment of a Membership Committee for the Southeast Section–a sub-committee of the National Membership Committee–that will involve members in geographical areas of each state in our Section, making themselves available to initiate Play Days with Lunch & Learn, LPGA/PGA Meet & Greets, or any other social type gatherings with which to connect our members, to each other and to our Association.  They will also be available for members, new and old, to have a person to reach out to that can help them navigate through the education process, get an idea or best practice to the right person to benefit our Membership, etc.  Sounds old fashioned?  YES!  Time after time, our surveys come back that our members want more opportunities to gather and share ideas, information or just get to know one another.  It also helps to know who to call in your area for questions or input. So, if you get a call or email from me, get ready to say YES!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Fall Season.


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