Letter from the Western Section President – Malia Folquet

Malia FolquetAs the end of year inches closer, want to remind everyone of upcoming events and our successes this year. We just had a fabulous seminar hosted by Alison Curdt at Wood Ranch Golf Club. Our own Marge Chamberlain, LPGA Member and financial advisor for Edward Jones. We learned about investing, mutual funds, retirement options and how to manage our money. As businesswomen, these are very important components for our lives and I encourage all of you to learn more. Marge has agreed to do more seminars and I hope to book her again because she was truly awesome.

Debby King hosted a seminar on K-vest with Patty Curtiss and Robyn Pester spoke.

In July, we hosted the seminar in Seattle Washington where Kathy Gilder-Sleeve Jansen, PGA Teacher of the year, presented.

August was the National Championship at Reunion Resort in Florida where our own Jennifer Birmingham qualified for the KPMG in 2016.

Upcoming events: National Team Championship at Palm Valley. December 6,7,8th – more information to follow.

We have the national election for National President and Vice President.  I encourage all of you to watch the webinar where all 3 candidates were asked questions. Above all VOTE October 1st thru October 11th!

Marvol Barnard and I are running and we would love your support. Love to have west coast representation at the national roles.

Western Section of the year award winners:  Teacher of the Year: Alison Curdt. Professional of the year: Debby King. Coach of the Year: Mary Ritchie.   Junior Golf Leader: Jennifer Alexander. Congratulations to all our winners and nominees!

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