Letter from the Western Section Treasurer – Christie Quinn

Julie Christie QuinnMany of you ask how we are doing financially. How are the fees spent within our Section?  The Treasurers report is my chance to answer those questions generally. I am available anytime for a phone call or email for personal answers to your concerns.  The state of our Section is positive and flush! We started the year with a surplus in our Sections account. Through this year the officers team has organized planned held several seminars and events. This included the acceptance of monies for registration fees and payment of all expenses at a regional level. That’s right YOUR officers have collectively managed the expenditures on your behalf.  The outcome of this is that we as a Section gets to closely understand the operations of the events. Thus resulting in the Seattle seminar did cost more than participated, however the Oregon seminar broke even. Most recently the seminar in Los Angeles the event yielded a profit! All things considered we are still ahead with a surplus for the year. Please submit any ideas you may have for fund raising and ways for us to celebrate our membership in a cost effective way! I love serving you. Call or Text anytime 508-330-6731.

– Christie Quinn


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