Letter from the Western Section Vice President – Debby King

debby kingThis summer our Pacific Northwest PGA decided to give out grants to golf courses to help with Player Development. Each course was sent applications to fill out and then a committee voted on who should receive these limited amounts of grants. One grant was for “Player Development” and the other grant was for “Youth Player Development”. I filled out both applications and our golf course was awarded both grants! The Player Development grant I used to purchase the Family Tees and the Youth Grant I used to purchase some SNAG equipment. I was hoping this would help increase our women and junior rounds at Laurelwood.

I first had to figure out where to put the Family Tees. U.S. Kids Golf has a scorecard template on their website with suggested yardages for the Level 1 player. I made a golf course that was a little over 3000 yards. The industry says only 21% of amateur golfers in the United States are women. There are a variety of reasons they leave the sport with one of them being the game is too difficult. Appropriately placed tees can engage a player with a slower swing speed to partake in the game from yardages more suited to their abilities. A quicker pace of play is also much more appealing when time is a concern.

For the kids we had an LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Day for free. We had many volunteers and had over 60 girls attended. Then I represented Laurelwood in partnering with the local KidSport to provide golf clinics for their juniors for the past 4 summers at a very nominal cost. This year I also partnered with the local YMCA and formed our first Junior Golf Camps at a very affordable rate. Also, this year we participated in the PGA Junior League for the first time ever.

After all of this we increased our women’s rounds by 15% and our junior rounds by 65%!! It just goes to show that a little bit of effort can have a great impact on your golf course!

– Debby King


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