Noblett wins Midwest Jeri Reid Award

Suzanne Noblett
Indiana’s Suzanne Noblett was recently awarded the Jeri Reid Spirit of the Game Award for 2016. Noblett, who was a friend of Reid, who passed away earlier this year, was thrilled with receiving the award. Noblett said, “Jeri was such a great person and she and I were good friends so this means a lot to me. “

Noblett, who lives in Fort Wayne and is originally from Evansville, Indiana, is a Class A member of the LPGA T&CP Division. This past year she established “Noblett Golf Services,” which she operates from privately owned Cedar Creek Golf Course as well as the Bobick’s Driving Range in Fort Wayne. Noblett adds this award to the two Midwest Section Teacher of the Year Awards.

Noblett is a little unique in her teaching as she always wears knickers; her dog accompanies her to the range and sits on a golf cart during lessons; and she aptly provides videos of herself to her students doing drills so her students will have those for future reference.

As Jeri Reid fought cancer, the award was designed to keep Jeri Reid’s spirit and love of the game alive. Past recipients of the award were: Jeri Reid (2014); Patricia Gray (2015).



2016 LPGA T&CP National Team Championship Final Results

Place Golfer Name Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Total Purse 2nd Day Purse
1 Neumann, Liselotte
Bartholomew, Jean
65 57 122 $6,000 $2,000
2 Austin, Sally
Hill, Carolyn
67 59 126 $5,000 $125
T3 Sorenstam, Charlotta
McCurdy, Amanda
68 59 127 $3,166 $125
T3 Ferguson, Stephanie
Smith, Sherry
69 58 127 $3,166 $1,250
T3 Folquet, Malia
Benz, Amy
67 60 127 $3,166
T6 Alcott, Amy
Imrie, Kathryn
69 60 129 $1,425
T6 Koyama, Debbi
Curdt, Alison
71 58 129 $1,425 $1,250
0T6 Ause, Angela
Nause, Martha
70 59 129 $1,425 $125
T6 Hurst, Pat
Dormann, Dana
69 60 129 $1,425
T10 Bonhurst, Joy
Grimes, Lisa
68 63 131 $750
T10 DePaulo, Lisa
Sheehan, Patty
72 59 131 $750 $125
T10 Johnston-Forbes, C.
Palli, Anne Marie
67 64 131 $750
T10 Bermingham, Jennifer
Heinmert, Rebecka
68 63 131 $750
T14 Bozarth, Marci
Cully, Jennifer
69 63 132 $450
T14 Finney, Allison
Drew, Heather
71 61 132 $450
16 Samp, Kristen
Atsedes, Lori
72 61 133


Piper Award – goes to the most improved from day one to day two. Patty Marquis and Kim Estep. Improved 18 shots. Kelley Spooner on the left helped create the award.


Carolyn Hill and Sally Austin (2nd Place Team Championship Winners)
Liselotte Neumann and Jean Bartholomew (Team Championship Winners)


Place Golfer Name Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Total
T16 Jacobs, Mary
Walla, Kristin
70 63 133
T18 Tyler, Laura
Davis, Marlene
73 62 135
T18 Glasgow, Clara
Zimron, Jamie
71 64 135
T18 Jones, Marjorie
Hanley, Shannon
71 64 135
21 Ritchie, Mary
King, Debby
72 64 136
22 Palmer, Sandra
Salmon, Bobbi
73 64 137
T23 Ishiguro. Teresa
Spooner, Kelley
75 63 138
T23 Nevatt, Linda
Davis, Beverley
73 65 138
T25 Kirsch, Peggy
Edelen, Cathy
72 67 139
T25 Fischer, Jamie
Rule, Shelly
75 64 139
T25 Quinn, Christie
Greggain, Jennifer
74 65 139
28 Teno, Christa
Gustafson, Peggy
71 69 140
T29 Huntley, Lee
Bradwynne, Bari
75 66 141
T29 McCammon, Cherie
Bradley, Rebecca
76 65 141
T31 Zamboni, Teresa
Henderson, Nancy
78 64 142
T31 Moore, Mindy
Graham, Gail
75 67 142
T33 Kornegay, Stephanie
Anselment, Tiffany
76 67 143
T33 Lynd, Julie
Chamberlain, Marge
78 65 143
35 Tanaka, Jue
Hayes, Stephanie
79 65 144
36 Szekely, Erin
Eckes, Dixie
78 68 146
37 Lawrence, Mary
Beck, Troy
80 69 149
38 Kern, Jennifer
Coleman, Kimberly
81 72 153
39 Schram, Patty
Liu, Jenny
84 71 155
40 Estep, Kim
Marquis, Patty
88 70 158
41 Montano, Lynn
Nemecek, Shantel
85 74 159
42 Weaver, Jeanne
Henry, Patricia
90 76 166

2016 LPGA T&CP National Team Championship presented by Volvik Pro-Am Final Results


Place Professionals Score Prize Pro Money
1. Bartholomew/Neumann 51.5 Volvik Boston Bag and 1 dozen Volvik balls $300
2. Lynd/Chamberlain 55 LPGA logoed Range Finder $200
3. McCurdy/Sorenstam 55.6 T-LInk GPS Watch $100
4. Montano/Nemecek 55.6 Adidas Golf Shoes $75
5. Smith/Ferguson 56 Sketchers Golf Shoes $50
6. Quinn/Greggain 56.3 Cure Putters $25
7. Hill/Austin 56.7 Loudmouth Travel Bag
8. Nevatt/Davis 56.8 Loudmouth Sunglasses
9. DePaulo/Sheehan 59.3 Rolex Gift Bags and dozen balls
10. Imrie 59.5 $25 Palm Valley Gift Card



Place Professionals Score Prize Pro Money
1. Samp/Atsedes 54 Volvik Stand Bag & 1 Dozen Volvik Balls $300
2. McCammon/Bradley 57 LPGA Logoed Range Finder $200
3. Dormann/Hurst 58 T-Link GPS Watch $100
4. Glasgow/Zimron 59 Footjoy Golf Shoes $75
5. Edelen/Kirsch 60 Sketchers Golf Shoes $50
6. Moore/Graham 60 Cure Putters $25
7. Huntley/Brandwynne 60 Loudmouth Travel Bags
8. Fischer/Rule 61 Loudmouth Sunglasses
9. Bonhurst/Grimes 62 Rolex Gift Bag & 1 Dozen balls
10. Bozarth/Cully 63 $25 Palm Calley Gift Card



Contest Winner Distance Prize
Pro — Hole #7: Nancy Henderson 12’0 $100
Male — Hole #7: Ryan Crespi 7’0 1 T-Link GPS Watch
Ladies — Hole #5: Annika Wilkes 2’3 1 T-Link GPS Watch
Male — Hole #17: Rodgers 2’2 1 T-Link GPS Watch
Ladies — Patty Knight 4’0 1 T-Link GPS Watch


Kristen Samp and Lori Atsedes
Kristen Samp and Lori Atsedes
Jean Bartholomew and Liselotte Neumann
Jean Bartholomew and Liselotte Neumann

Alison Curdt is awarded PGA Teacher of the Year in Southern California

Alison Curdt has been recognized for her hard work the last few years, both receiving awards on a regional and national level in the LPGA. She will also be a speaker at the Las Vegas extravaganza. I caught up with her over the phone recently, and this is what she had to say.

Rebecka: I know you are currently working toward PsyD in clinical psychology. At the same time, you are teaching full-time, involved in the LPGA western section as vice-president, an officer in the Southern California PGA and you run a private practice along with being an assistant coach at Cal State Northridge. 

What motivates you to work hard and how do you have time for all of this?

I don’t have time, but I make time. I sacrifice time to do what I do, because I really enjoy what I’m doing. I also look at as my choice, and to me that’s empowering. 

Everything I do is a reflection of my brand and my character therefore it is important to me to be on time and to follow through with what I say. My tip is to say no to the things that I know I won’t be able to follow though on or exclude things from my life that don’t make me happy.

What would be your advice to someone who is starting out in the golf industry?

My advice is to surround yourself with successful people. Not only is it inspiring to have mentors but also it’s great to learn from people who have more experience. 

My other advice would be to continue to learn. Read different opinions, learn about other teaching strategies, philosophies and methods. It is all helpful and will help you grow. Also, be involved as much as possible. You’ll find out what you like and don’t like and that can help you narrow down your niche.

You are one of about 200 women who has both Pga and LPGA certifications. How do you feel that is setting you apart?

Both memberships have different connections, opportunities, and benefits.  With 30 000+ PGA members it is easy to get lost in the sea of golf professionals.  The LPGA has over 1500 members, and is known to having the best eduction for teachers. Having the benefit of both memberships puts me in a much smaller segment to succeed. It is also helpful for potential job opportunities as employees will see you have gone above and beyond the basic requirements to be a golf professional or teacher.

What have you done in your career that you would recommend more women to do?

Become a dual member. 

Strive for the continuing certifications in both organizations- e.g. Certified Professional and Master professional in the PGA and master professional in the LPGA. 

Participate as much as possible in what’s offered. 

Make time for seminars and tournaments because it helps you grow. Make friends with colleagues in the industry so you have a community that you can engage with and rely on.

Sounds like great advice! Congratulations Alison on being selected as the Southern California PGA Teacher of the year. She is the second female in the history of the Southern California Chapter to win the award. 

by Rebecka Heinmert, LPGA Western Section Secretary

Lynn Marriott “Incredibly Honored” to be Inducted into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame

lynn-marriottLynn Marriott joins an elite group of their peers as inductees to the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame.

The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Hall of Fame, established in 2000, is the highest honor given to teaching and club professional members for extraordinary membership service and leadership while contributing to the game of golf and the golf industry.

Lynn Marriott has dedicated her career to discovering more about how people learn and spreading that information to others. She truly is the student’s teacher. For the entirety of her professional career, Marriott has known that she wanted to pursue golf instruction professionally. Despite pressure from parents, co-workers, and management to pursue grander ventures, Marriott was determined to follow her heart.

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Gloria Armstrong to be Inducted into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame after a Lifetime of Dedication to Teaching and Supporting the Game of Golf

11-gloria-armstrong2Gloria Armstrong joins an elite group of their peers as inductees to the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame.

The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Hall of Fame, established in 2000, is the highest honor given to teaching and club professional members for extraordinary membership service and leadership while contributing to the game of golf and the golf industry.

Gloria Armstrong has always been a teacher, albeit at first an unofficial one. She began on the fledgling LPGA Tour back in its beginnings from 1955-1966, becoming a member of the Teaching Division in 1958. Though she wasn’t a teacher or coach officially, several of her peers described her with the same word: “Unselfish”.

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