Junior Golf by Nicole Weller

It’s been am amazing two years of learning, start-up business preparation and vision as Little Golf TRAIN launches in its inaugural year during the PGA Show this past January. How did this TRAIN start down the track?

In 2014 Dr. Patricia Donnelly contacted me about a vision in creating a program to help professionals and coaches in the industry learn about ways to appropriately introduce youngsters ages 2-5 into the game of golf, as well as create family programming to help children develop various life skills through golf. The program would be something holistic involving concepts such as healthy nutrition, interpersonal skills, interpersonal skills, physical movement skills, fitness awareness, music and art opportunities, and more. Creating a start-up business has been my second job during any downtime for the past 2 years, with many various area that needed to be developed… partners, fulfillment, LMS, legal set-up, curricula, processes, artwork, marketing… just to name a few!

Watching the program come to life and seeing it launch with our vision in place was amazing. The excitement and potential opportunities are just starting to build and we hope that our version of how to instruct and guide this age group via golf will be of great assistance to those who are interested and in need of something like this.


One thought on “Junior Golf by Nicole Weller

  1. Really, really great, Nicole…Congratulations! Know it will be a great success! Love how this aligns nicely with our LPGA Integrated Performance System Model we use in our Teacher Education Program. #Holistic

    All the best with this program!

    –deb vangellow :))


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