Letter from the Southeast Section President — Carol Preisinger

Summer is approaching…time to think about Nominations for Section Elections and Of The year awards. The offices of President/Vice-President and Secretary are open, and there are so many talented members who are deserving of a nomination.

Our section is hosting 3 Coaching seminars with Shawn Humphries, a variety of Meet and Greets in Florida, Charlotte and Atlanta, the Mixed Team in Hilton Head (approaching fast April 17/18), and the Section Team Tournament in the Fall. Check this newsletter’s section calendar for dates and details!

This is the year that you can be INVOLVED…Imagine ways that you can contribute to your association, no matter how small.

“Remember that your imagination is yours and yours alone. You have the inborn capacity to use it in any way that you choose. No one else is responsible for your imagination. Anything placed in your imagination and held there ultimately becomes your reality”. Wayne Dyer

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”. Albert Einstein


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