Letter from the Vice President

It’s an exciting time in the SE Section! Seasons are changing, our members who have infiltrated the South for the season will soon be preceeding the mass exodus of their students/members to their northern destinations.

We’ve had an unusual winter here in SWFL, with much rain and cooler than normal temps. That is always a challenge for our members who rely on the sunshine for their revenues.

I have just returned from PHX, completing the first ever Opti International Certification with Dr. Debbie Crews. As you know, Dr. Debbie has researched every part of the brain and it’s function during the performance of the golf swing, particularly putting, for the past 30 years.

The product and applications for the Opti Brain and Opti Train technology within Opti Golf are endless. “Labs” with your clients can be conducted indoors or outdoors. A great “rainy day” revenue generator.

Watch the Newsletter from HQ for future Certification sessions. If you would like more information about the product and applications, please contact me at anytime at caroleclark81@gmail.com.

Finally, the local Meet & Greets have been well received. Please let me know if you would like to conduct them in your area. No special skills necessary, just a desire to connect.

Happy Easter, happy Spring and I hope to connect with you all soon!

Carole Clark
LPGA Class A
Teaching Professional


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