Letter from the Southeast Section Vice President — Carole Clark

Ahhhhh…..the seasons are changing! Some in our section see that as a coming of relief, rest and relaxation after a very unpredictable winter in Florida. Others are on the brink of a new season, with new programs, new positions, new goals and new dreams. Whichever describes you and your situation, we hope that you will include participation in LPGA T&CP activities as a part of your plans for this coming season.

Our calendar of events includes local, regional and national activities to participate in all throughout the summer months. Local Lunch & Learns and Meet & Greets will be blossoming all over the Southeast Section as your section officers will be reaching out to you to have you host an event in your area.

If you have areas of interest relating to programs or activities offered in our section, please make one of your officers aware and we will do all we can to get you involved and make whatever you do a success.

If you are looking for a real value in personal growth, consider joining a local Toastmasters club, where you will get plenty of practice speaking, evaluating and leading in a non-threatening, learning environment. There are clubs available all over the world.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you at something LPGA this season.

Happy Easter…happy spring!
Carole Clark
SE Section Vice President


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