Historic Flooding/MW Pro-Pro

I’m super excited to be hosting our 3rd consecutive Midwest Pro Pro Championship in St. Louis on September 11th and 12th.  If you haven’t been able to make one yet, don’t let yourself miss out on the laughs, camaraderie, networking and fun competition that lies ahead. The event is growing every year and is simply one of my favorite times of the year.

This year our event features an Education Seminar and a Girls Golf clinic.  This will be TWO great ways for you to better your education and earn CU’s.

St. Louis is centrally located and fall is a beautiful time of the year.  Treat yourself to famous Italian food on the Hill, some of the countries best barbecue, the famous St. Louis Zoo or City Museum and possible Cardinal baseball!

Many of you heard about our historic flooding in early spring.  Aberdeen, our links style gracious host, was hit hard.  The even more depressing part is the owner, several of his kids and the GM/Superintendent all have houses on the farm that surrounds the course and they were completely wiped out.

For the first time ever the flooding even reached the pro shop.  You can see from the eerie picture taken from the front balcony and the nighttime pic it was awful.  Aberdeen has an amazing crew and the course is actually known for its great drainage ability.  You can see from the shot from the first tee that the course has completely recovered!  Once the zoysia grass turns green it will all look fantastic.

We certainly hope to see you this year and need your help growing the event.  Line up your partner and get registered!  To register go to:  https://tcp.lpga.com/Meetings/Meeting.aspx?ID=385


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