Junior Golf – Kristen Samp

One of the neat things about the Central Section is at any moment there could be an extreme on what the weather is doing!  While Arizona and Texas may be enjoying some sunshine and nice temperatures, it’s starting to get cold in Kansas.  A great thing about the colder weather is it forces us to get creative.

We were supposed to have a four day, four hours/day junior camp.  It was maybe 40 degrees out and misting.  Not a great situation for the kiddos (and the instructors for that matter!).  Below are some pictures of what we did instead.  Keep in mind, I spent very little money. You don’t need a ton of room and this activity took up a big chunk of time while keeping the kids engaged.

I gathered up a bunch of random stuff, beach towels, and foam cups, parts of a broken race track, rope, and wire cages.  The more random the articles the better!  Then I tasked the kids with designing, naming, and eventually presenting the ultimate putt-putt hole.  I put them on teams and made sure every team member was staying involved.  The creativity from these kids was fantastic!  They tried to make roller coasters, oceans, trees, rivers, and so on.  I was really impressed. 

After construction we gave everyone a chance to play all the other holes.  Then we had judges (our GM and office manager) come in and pick the winners.  The team captain had to present the hole, what they named it, the par, etc.  It was a lot of fun and they were so professional in their presentations.

Moral of the story you don’t need a lot of expensive, fancy equipment for kids to have fun and learn a little about what makes up a golf hole.  Let kids be creative and you never know what can happen!

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One thought on “Junior Golf – Kristen Samp

  1. Kristin

    This was a great article!!! I don’t believe in spending much money either for my programs. Home Depot loves me.

    I have to be creative in the summer in Las Vegas when it is 100 plus degrees. We have well water at our course and the superintendent has one of his staff turn the sprinkler on a couple of times in the morning in June for the juniors to cool off. Then I take them inside for a break in the air conditioned club house. I downloaded some cartoons on golf from youtube and play them for the young ones during our breaks. I also video their swings and we review them inside the cool club house. Then it is back outside for more fun.


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