Junior Golf – Lisa Schwinden

One of our most successful groups is our LPGA Girls Golf Club. We regularly have around 200 girls participate in our 12 week, girl’s lesson program.  The ladies in the LPGA Girls Golf Club main office make this program easy to run and rewarding for the staff and the participants.  


Here are a couple of things we do to keep kids interested before our Junior Lessons start.

We purchased a set of Tin Cups. Tin Cup is a ball marking system that has different animals, designs and shapes cut into a template that you use to mark your golf ball. Before each lesson, kids can take  a golf ball (usually donated by our members), pick a fun design and color the design on his/her ball.  This is a great way to let the kids do something fun before they start lessons and teaches them about marking their golf ball.  The kids keep the ball and will use it when they play.  http://www.tin-cup.com/

We do a bag tag design contest.  We decide what size and shape the bag tag will be in advance and then hand out the form to kids when they sign up.  Kids have until a specific day to turn in their designs.  Then we post the designs and the kids vote.  The top 10 designs then go to a final vote.  The top vote getter from this becomes the bag tag for the season.  Each participate receives a bag tag. The kids love this.  They get very involved in their designs and the voting process.  It’s great advertising for us and it only costs $4/$5 per kid.


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